Om oss

Our aim is to bring original sound to life in your home or studio.

Recorded performances are by their very nature, an art of passion. We want to keep this passion alive all the way from the recording to the listener by reproducing the original sound. This is done by developing products based on the principles of innovative engineering, impeccable build quality and scientific validation which results in an unfailing accuracy in sound reproduction.


Holographic Audio was founded in 2002 by Lars Karlsson in Vaxjo, Sweden.

Lars is a devoted music enthusiast who feels that Hi-Fi equipment should provide a clear and transparent window into every recording. He began to develop his own products once it became clear that no other manufacturers offered the kind of authentic aural experience that he wished for in his own home. The first product he developed was the EAR ONE, a high quality headphone amplifier. Since then his companies product portfolio has grown and now consists of seven different devices with more to come!


The Swedish magazine Musik & Ljudteknik recently wrote an article about Holographic Audio, which they generously have allowed us to share here (it is in Swedish):
About Holographic Audio, in Musik & Ljudteknik 1/2014(14.6 MiB)